The Nutrido® Boardgame for Nutrido Club

The Nutrido® Boardgame for Nutrido Club

The Nutrido® Board game is an interesting game based on game theory and behavioural economics which help nudges players towards consuming more fruits and vegetables when they win a session of the board games. It has beautifully designed board, cards and container. The illustrations on the board game create images of healthy nutrition and health lifestyle. 

The number of players could range from 2-8 players respectively. The game should also have a banker that provides Nutrido Money for their players and monitor each players to provide earnings and points for the games.

To win the board game, a player needs to acquire enough Health Points (HP) higher than that of their opponents. As players move from one point to another on the board games, the next players read their card to the current player. Each card contains information which is key to learning about health, nutrition and agriculture.

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